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My name is Roy Premchand, and over the years, I have served with numerous tech companies and now as an independent consultant. 


During my career, I have dealt with various expertise and responsibilities. From sales and marketing to governance & compliance, HR, product management, and procurement. Both from an operational and strategic or managerial point of view. With over 20 years of IT industry experience - you can consider me an industry veteran who has worked for some of the world's largest hosting, cloud provider, and data center brands, from high-potential start-ups and scale-ups to well-established international businesses.


Through our integrated service lines — Sales Consulting, Interim Management & Coaching, and Strategy Consulting — I assist and guide my clients in capitalizing on opportunities to deliver responsible growth, provide instruments for organizational development, and more.


With evident enthusiasm, passion, commitment, and a genuine can-do attitude, I can help you achieve exponential growth. At PCD Consultancy, we strive to inspire client interaction, sustainable results, quality, and long-lasting relationships.



Over a cup of coffee, we can chat about your vision for the company and which of our solutions will help you grow.


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With our help, companies can develop effective sales and marketing strategies, create marketing campaigns, improve customer experience (CX), achieve exponential revenue growth, and maximize profits.

Combining the experience gained over 20 years of optimizing sales with various companies, PCD Consultancy can boost your organization's sales performance and success with proper guidance and expertise.

We can help develop the corporate strategies for successful sales leadership, focusing on your organization's goals and objectives. We can help define the steps needed to attract new prospects and convert them into paying customers while also working to identify improvements in customer satisfaction. We can guide and advise on marketing strategies (e.g., product and pricing strategies), sales operations, and customer retention. The goal is to help businesses diagnose and manage the challenges hindering their success and growth.  PCD Consultancy offers its sales consulting service in different ways: as a sales coach (guiding, motivating, and mentoring your sales team members), a corporate or business sales consultant (guiding and advising strategically and tactically), and interim sales management (guiding, advising, and operating both strategically, tactically, or operationally). We will adapt the performance of our services to match your requirements. Either way, we will work with you as colleagues, shoulder-to-shoulder, until we have delivered the results that matter to you.



Are you seeking a temporary manager, director, or coach? To manage an organization or department through a period of change or transformation, provide stability to a business organization following the sudden departure of a senior leader, provide a highly specialized skill set that a business may not have internally, or achieve revenue growth? The demand for temporary professionals has grown in all sectors in the past decade. From start-ups to SMBs, you can use our Interim Management service to

g​uarantee your business's continuity or support growth for a set period, three months, six months, twelve months, or whatever your business needs.  Do you want to leverage your sales team's potential or achieve exponential growth? I can help as a sales coach. With over 20 years of experience and a proven success track record, I can guide and mentor your salespeople to reach their full potential, close more deals, and increase revenue. We can help you identify and solve the challenges that stand in the way of your growth and progress. We will work shoulder-to-shoulder with you as colleagues.

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Growth and change are two realities that no business has the luxury to ignore. Sustainable strategies that help your business innovate and grow while managing costs and leveraging talent are just as essential as having the agility and creativity to respond to rapidly changing environments.

Addressing strategic matters or outlining ambitions is only a first step; dealing with the specifics is an entirely different element. Major change processes may have a profound impact on your organization. They require accurate guidance and perspective from a

professional and experienced consultant. At PCD Consultancy, we provide organizations with this guidance, primarily in the IT industry, including cloud providers, hosting providers, managed services providers, and data centers. But we can surely help any digital infrastructure business organization. For consultation on improving operations and becoming more efficient, effective, profitable, and sustainable. For practical suggestions regarding growing your business and getting it to the next level. And for advice with challenges surrounding strategic planning, analysis, marketing, sales, change management, IT procurement (e.g., digital infrastructure service brokering), and HRM, to name a few. We can also connect you with the right partner to facilitate your growth journey effectively.    Whatever your needs, PCD Consultancy can help you identify and solve the strategic and tactical challenges that stand in the way of your business growth and progress. We will work with you as colleagues, shoulder-to-shoulder, until we have delivered the results that matter to you. Most importantly, we care about every client we serve. That is why we listen closely to understand you, your business, and your organization's culture.


Through our digital infrastructure service brokering and extended network of professionals and service providers, such as data centers, IT network providers, IT hardware suppliers, data center management, recruitment and HR specialists, marketing agencies, and more, we can also connect you with the right partners to help your growth.

Let's get this conversation started.

I look forward chatting with you about your vision for the company, and how we can help. 

Leave me a message, and I'll get back to you.

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